White Widow

According to Google, White Widow is a Cannabis Cup-winning, especially potent strain of marijuana and a movie starring Benicio del Toro, scheduled for release next year, with the following synopsis: "Looking for romance, but attracted to the wrong men, a young woman finds herself with a cache of stolen diamonds on the run from mobsters." Take away the diamonds and the mobsters, and that could describe a third White Widow, this one the twentysomething singer-songwriter who splits her time between New York and Austin. Taking her name not from the pot but a line in Stevie Nicks's "Gold Dust Woman" (although you never know), White Widow may be attracted to the wrong men on last year's

Black Heart

, but the nine songs of sturdy yet melodic guitar rock — including a cover of Nicks's "Lady From the Mountain" — show she's no pushover. A worthy heir to the sneering '90s femme-rocker examples of PJ Harvey and fellow Nicks disciple Courtney Love would be a lot closer to the truth.

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