Who Are the Mysterious Sunset Stripperz?

This past weekend, Midtown haunt Coffee Groundz held its first weekend music festival. The music started early Saturday afternoon and didn't end until late in the day on Sunday. Acts like Runaway Sun and soul-rocker Kenneth Scott were crowd favorites on the back patio. We were coaxed over to the coffee joint Saturday evening by the promise of loudness, namely from a band called Sunsett Stripperz. The moniker alone made us leap from our Late Nite Pie and waddle a few blocks over. Houston has yet another hair metal cover band in its midst, and thy name is Sunsett Stripperz. Shadowy men, we could not gleam much about where they come from or if this was a one-off gig. Not even the proprietor of CG could tell us anything about the band, which strangely already has a Twitter account. Word has it that after the band played their set of Danger Danger and Nelson covers (yes, Nelson) the band convened over at Rich's for some post-Pride frolicking. If you know anything about Sunsett Stripperz, please hit us up. We will be quiet and discreet. Your privacy is of our utmost concern. Wait, that came out wrong we think. Either way, e-mail a brother.

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