Screwston, Texas

Who Is The Best Non-Black Rapper Ever?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday that isn't a national holiday, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Hollywood Floss, Delo, Preemo, Tha Centop, Niq, O.N.E., Fat Tony, hasHBrown, Mac and more.

Not Invited: MC Serch, because the weasel goes pop.

This Week's Prompt: With Dirk Nowitzki serving it to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the playoffs, everyone has been going all yo-yo with the "Is He The Best Non-Black Basketball Player Ever?" talk. This is the rap version of that conversation: Who is the best non-black rapper of all time?

Hollywood FLOSS: I listen to Bubba Sparxxx's Deliverance LP, Brother Ali and Yelawolf.

Rap Round Table: So which one gets the nod for Second Best?

HF: Bubba, just 'cause I can listen to him more than the others.

Delo: Big Pun. His style was original and his wordplay was huge... no pun intended.

Fat Tony: I think King Slef, aka Sam Terrell from Supreeme, is the best white rapper of all time. He rap real good.

hasHBrown: Big Pun. He had plenty of flow even though he bit Kool G rap's style in my opinion. Honorable mention: Evidence of Dilated Peoples and Bubba Sparxxx.

Mac: I would have to say Big Pun. That nigga was a lyricist, and he had good word play.

Niq, The G.R.I.T. Boys: Big Pun because of his lyrical skill, delivery and flow... then he was a big guy doin' it!

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