Who's Vroomin' Who: Top 10 Songs With Motorcycle Sounds

Craig's Hlist has been on a Motley Crue kick for the past few months. We may have just finished reading The Dirt for the fourth time, and we really enjoyed Nikki Sixx's Heroin Diaries book, which tells the story of how he spent 1987 mired in a haze of junk and almost every other drug imaginable.

The thing that troubles us is the song "Girls, Girls, Girls." It's not the fact that during the making of that 1987 album of the same name, the band combined got laid more than CHL probably will if we live to be 102. It's the fact that almost no songs anymore feature a motorcycle, either as an instrument or in a cameo.

During the opening, you hear one of the boys' motorcycles revving up. In that short moment, you don't care where Vince and the band are going, but will sell your grandmother into slavery to go with them. Motorcycle engines revving menacingly make any song better, the choppier and more rugged sounding the better.

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Craig Hlavaty
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