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Why Do Women Idolize Marilyn Monroe? Help!

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Dear Willie D:

Please help me understand this. There is documented evidence that Marilyn Monroe was a homewrecker and a loose woman, to put it mildly. So why do countless females look up to her, and are so fascinated by her persona?

Putting It Mildly:

I used to wonder the same thing; not anymore. Besides her beauty, women are drawn to her because there's a piece of Marilyn Monroe in every woman. It's the piece that each woman relates to that makes her endearing to them. Marilyn was strong and fragile; fearless and afraid; happy and sad; lucid and incoherent; praised and scorned; innocuous and scandalous; liberated and enslaved; glamorous and disheveled; privileged and poor; desired and rejected.

She was also much more intelligent than people gave her credit for. The collective energy of her flaws, redemptive attributes, beauty, talent, smartness and her willingness to share her vulnerabilities with all of us is why Marilyn Monroe is so adored. To say she lived in a town where people make a living out of being fake, she was as real as they come.

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