Why Is Everyone "Moving Like Bernie"?

Rocks Off loves Fridays. It's the day we bring to fruition all the internet scouring that we've been doing over the past seven days, cooking it down to a nice readable digest of Houston music news, and gets to set a hot, steaming plate of goodness on the table.

The Mahas recently added local pedal steel prodigy Will Van Horn to their crew, giving their sound an entirely new dimension. Need some evidence? Check out this video on YouTube.

Ambient/electronic project Western Standards just posted a new album, Space Is a Place (above), on Soundcloud. Vinyl copies will be around in early 2011. For now, just stream it online.

10th Gräde Cütie might not be done after all. A recent Twitter update suggests that the band will be letting go of some B-sides and playing a few shows in the near future.

Giant Princess has a new video online for their song "Gunplay," listed as "part one" of Mexican Easter, the movie.

More new music that's hit Bandcamp recently:

The Caprolites, are the C-men EP

Saviour Group, Everyone but You And I Should Die

Nasty Nique, Breakfast of Champions EP

This is a couple of weeks old, but The Watermarks have a new demo up, too.

Thanks to American Fangs for alerting us to the next hot dance craze here in the South, "Moving Like Bernie." Yes, like Weekend at Bernie's.

Maurice Duhon Jr., aka Cornbreadd, has started a blog of political musings, Political Abyss.

Here's a fun little video for DJ Sun's track "Fun."

Ozeal has a pair of new tracks up on his Web site.

The Literary Greats report their third record is now in the mastering phase, so expect to see it released pretty soon.

Tyagaraja has posted a couple videos from the ThanksTaking show: "High Beings" and "Open Up The Gate."

And, as we've mentioned already, it's Friday. So, how's about getting down with some free music from electronic dance master Living Shred? He's got three new tracks up on Bandcamp: "Goard Eater," "Black White Plexie" and "Eat a Duck's Face." Just tell your boss it's a morale break.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.