Why The Second Amendment Goes Entirely Too Far

Unrestricted gun ownership is a hazard and a danger to the lives and safety of all Americans. The decision handed down by the Supreme Court on Monday called tough local laws against gun ownership unconstitutional in an extremely vague 5-4 ruling. Exactly what the repercussions will be from the decision will likely not be felt for some time, as lawsuits begin to trickle up the court system for further clarification.

A point beyond arguing, however, is just how detrimental to the American people lax gun control is, and Rocks Off can prove it with today's video. There is no reason to allow someone to sing Lionel Richie's "Hello" while holding an assault weapon. It doesn't matter how good a singer he is, or that he has a "right" to do it. There's still no reason.

Wake up, America!

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