Why You Should Probably Go Ahead and Turn That Shit Down

We all have one of those neighbors who likes to party and turns up their music a little bit too loud. Hell, Rocks Off has been that neighbor more than once. But you might want to think twice about giving the volume knob a little extra crank after this. The Houston Chronicle reports this afternoon that an Aldine woman is now in police custody, facing a murder charge after allegedly shooting her 25-year-old neighbor "at least twice" when the two got into a dispute over the now-dead woman's choice of volume level.

The two argued, the Chronicle reports, and the victim left but later came back and was promptly riddled with bullets for her troubles. The assailant, one Veyonka Pouncy, is being held in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Earplugs, people. Earplugs. - Chris Gray

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