Wild Moccasins Get CD Release Crowd A-Twitter

Between SXSW, the band's tour kickoff show last month and the interview in this week's print edition, Rocks Off has had plenty to say about the Wild Moccasins lately. So for the band's CD release of debut full-length Skin Collision Past Friday at Walter's, and in light of this week's Press cover story, we thought we'd step aside and see what "The Twitterverse" thought about the show. Sounds like we're not the only ones who love them.

PVizzy Counting down to the wild moccasins show. 7:57 PM May 21st austinlloyd Heading to Walters to see @wildmoccasins and @RokyMoonandBolt with @ElaineGreer. 9:39 PM May 21st internadrian Is @wildmoccasins show this place is Getting packed can't wait 8:53 PM May 21st gabrielzamora At the wild moccasins again :) with ana 8:55 PM May 21st

austinlloyd" target="_blank">austinlloyd "@RokyMoonandBOLT is killlllling it." 10:56 PM May 21st YoFelix "Wild Moccasins. 11:36 PM May 21st CabbyJames "Its hot in this bitch. But @wildmoccasins are holdin it down!" 12:19 AM May 22nd HollyMWallace "Wild Moccasins concert was awesome!" 1:12 AM May 22nd RokyMoonandBOLT "Thanks to everybody who made tonight amazing! Great night with great people .... I love this town." 3:54 AM May 22nd Justinmmartinez "Fun night with @angelpantss at the @wildmoccasins show!" 4:52 AM May 22nd Woodie Stephenson (Facebook, 8:11 p.m. Saturday): "I just wanted to congratulate you guys on the new CD - the quality is superlative and you guys lit it up at Walters last night proper." Sean Williams (Facebook, 5:47 a.m. Sunday): "great show at walters guys, had a blast."

Sounds like the early (micro)reviews of Skin Collision are just as glowing...

dammitandy Jamming the new @WildMoccasins CD in the car. That's right...a CD. Couldn't wait for the vinyl. Support your local artists! 2:55 PM May 22nd YoFelix I am in love with Skin Collision Past by @WildMoccasins. 10:49 PM May 22nd CabbyJames Truth be told, i been jammin the @wildmoccasins CD and it gets better each time about 20 hours ago PVizzy Finally catching up. New albums by The Hold Steady, The Black Keys, The National, Titus Andronicus and Wild Moccasins all on heavy rotation. about 18 hours ago BreakfastOnTour The @WildMoccasins new album, Skin Collision Past, is the 9th most downloaded album on What.CD today. Just after Muse... about 16 hours ago YoFelix Jamming Wild Moccasins in the car and everyone is like WTF. :D about 13 hours ago

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