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Wild Moccasins Return With A Force on Look Together

Wild Moccasins remind us why we love them so on their new album.
Wild Moccasins remind us why we love them so on their new album. Photo courtesy of New West Records

Sometimes, a band can go away and never return even if they release something new. It's been four years since we heard a new album from Houston's Wild Moccasins. On their latest release Look Together, the four piece  turns things up a notch by mixing synth pop and dream pop into their indie pop sound. They don't waste time in reminding us why those four years felt so long.

Opening with one of the already released singles "Boyish Wave," the band keeps things synth-infused while the spacey guitar dances atop the track. Zahira Gutierrez sings above it all like she's echoing notes from the vacuum of space. They follow with the groove heavy sounds of "Temporary Vase," where Nicholas Cody's bass and Avery Davis' drums make a Latin-infused sound. Complete with Gutierrez' haunting vocals and Cody Swan's guitar noodling, the result is a deep and slower paced jam.

The catchy sounds of another released track, "Longtime Listener" pick the pace back up. Swan's guitar here is where the magic lies, offering up a pedal soaked sound. The vocals remind you of shoe gaze bands that were never as catchy while the bridge offers more depth than the band has shown in the past. This continues on "Missing You (the Most)" where the band returns to their new wave past, though with more synth wave tones.

 "Doe Eyed Dancer" reminds in some ways of how Madonna infused hip hop into her tracks, while Gutierrez takes the vocals to a higher pitch than Madge could ever reach. The synths keep coming on the early Depeche Mode sounding opening of "Seven To One," while the band goes to a more dance pop feel on the title track, "Look Together."

Two songs later, the released single "No Muse" comes in and this is the Wild Moccasins you have come to love as Gutierrez dances between soft notes and searing falsetto. The band gets into an early Erasure vibe mixed with disco notes on "Shooting In The Dark."

click to enlarge Look Together mixes dream pop and indie rock with ease. - ARTWORK COURTESY OF NEW WEST RECORDS
Look Together mixes dream pop and indie rock with ease.
Artwork courtesy of New West Records

The band goes deep on "Conditional Lover" where they have a dark sound while still keeping things enjoyable.  The bulk of the album is full of stronger songwriting from the band.  They close the album off with the slow burner, "Waterless Cup."

The album is a strong 12 songs.Easily their strongest release to date, Look Together offers up plenty of danceable tracks that should make anyone a fan. You can pre-order Look Together directly from New West Records, or stream it in all of the usual places when it drops on Friday June 29. You can catch the band on tour in August with more information available here. Wild Moccasins will perform in Houston on Saturday July 7 at White Oak Music Hall. The all ages show will have support sets from Camera Cult and El Lago. Doors at 8 p.m.; tickets $10.
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