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Wild Moccasins Ready For Whataburger-Free Euro Tour

Saturday night, newly minted New West signees Wild Moccasins play their last show in the States until April, as they prepare to embark on their first European tour. Sharing the Fitzgerald's bill are Young Mammals and Wicked Poseur.

The Moccasins' maiden Old World trek is an extensive one, taking them all over Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, and pretty much anywhere an Anglo name hails from. The tour ends with what looks to be 14 dates all over England.

Needless to say, after the band gets back, they will be road-seasoned indie-pop warriors, full of stories and cautionary tales. Last year's bird attack in Iowa made blog headlines in Houston, so let's hope the European fowl and other small animals lay off and allow our friends to have safe passage.

We talked to singer Cody Swann about touring Europe, missing Texas, and future recording plans, including debuting a new song this weekend.

Rocks Off: Have you been checking out any of the bands that you guys will be playing with over there?

Cody Swann: Yes, we have. We are actually really excited to be playing with Fred Thomas of Saturday Looks Good To Me.

RO: For people who don't know much about touring, what are some of the hurdles you have to jump over to gig in Europe?

CS: This question would probably be better answered at the end of the tour, but what immediately comes to mind though is, that it is better to get your shirts made overseas than shipping them from the States.

Also, learn how to say "toilet" in every language [and] notify your bank that you're leaving the country before heading out. Otherwise it will look like identity theft.

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