Will Buzzfest Leave Us "Cryin' Like A Bitch"?

First of all, we sort of enjoyed ourselves at the last Buzzfest in May. Fred Durst told us he liked our Black Flag tattoo, and we finally got to hear "Nookie" live. We aren't going to say it was like being in the audience during a Beatles performance on the Ed Sullivan, but it was pretty damned close.

This weekend is the fall edition of The Buzz 94.5 FM's bi-annual festival at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. We aren't making all of this one because we are getting mani-pedis with our mother for part of Saturday, but we will be there in time to see headliners Bush, Seether and Godsmack. The show is sold out, and Rocks Off probably won't be getting any freebies to give out.

We are secretly excited seeing Bush live again, seeing that we probably made out to "Glycerine" once or never. Plus, lead singer Gavin Rossdale is a handsome man. Did you hear that he and Marilyn Manson used to have intimate relations in the '90s? There is a "Machinehead" joke here somewhere.

By the way, Godsmack released one of the most hilarious songs this year, off their new album The Oracle. Have you heard "Cryin' Like A Bitch!!"? Boy, have you been missing out. It has easily our favorite refrain of the year on it. Plus, the video has sweaty dudes fighting.

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