Will Concert Craziness Continue At Smashing Pumpkins?

Sunday night we watched a rambling and, supposedly, elegantly wasted Scott Weiland confound a packed crowd of Stone Temple Pilots fans at the Woodlands. The comments are blowing up left and right, and even industry blog Pollstar took to quoting us on the occasion. Somehow even Rocks Off got accused of being as lifted as Weiland was purported to be.

A quick word on that: Even if someone appears drunk or somehow "lifted" in any way to us, there's no way for us to substantiate that short of watching him partake firsthand or partaking with him. We obviously didn't, because we were sitting there waiting for Weiland to show up with everyone else. Let he and his press people address that issue, though; we were there for the show, not to point and laugh at a man in pain.

Monday night, late in the Pixies' Verizon set, during everyone's favorite slow jam "Where Is My Mind?", a fight broke out in the crowd and some kid decided to rush the stage in the interim (above), causing notoriously temperamental front man Frank Black to walk off immediately.

We understand his apprehension, in light of how Dimebag Darrell met his end. Thankfully, someone either in/with the band or a Verizon staffer talked the Pixies into coming back out.

Tonight the Smashing Pumpkins are sure to fill Warehouse Live to capacity, leading us to wonder what could happen next. What do you have up your sleeves, douchebags of Houston? Stink bombs, or maybe a knife fight in the bathroom? Throwing a cup of beer at Billy Corgan? Bear in mind someone in Houston threw a shoe at him on the Pumpkins' Siamese Dream tour, and that didn't go so well.

We sincerely hope not, seeing that this Hell Week of concerts is just beginning. Weiland's behavior wasn't our city's music fans' fault, but the fights and stage invasion Monday night were.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.