Will The Flaming Lips Do Dark Side On The Bayou At Summerfest?



(yeah, we know...) updated the interwebs with the newest details on the ongoing Flaming Lips' tour to support last year's


release and the band's full-length cover of Pink Floyd's

Dark Side of the Moon

. We already know that Wayne Coyne and the boys will be setting up shop in June at Eleanor Tinsley Park for this year's

Free Press Summerfest.

On this jaunt, the Lips seem to be covering

Dark Side

along with tacking a greatest-hits set of sorts after they unfurl the Floyd stoner classic at every date. Coyne's nephew's band, Stardeath & White Dwarfs, has been acting as essentially the Lips' backing band whenever the group does Floyd's 1973 masterpiece live. According to Pitchfork's estimation, the Lips will be doing their


shtick here in Houston early this summer, since the Dwarfs are on the band's roster for this round of touring.

So say what you will about the need for a

Dark Side

cover album, but it's still a pretty cool thing for a band of the Lips' caliber to pull off. If the Lips had to cover any classic-era Floyd album, it would have had to be this one since it already fits so well already into the Oklahomans' own cosmic milieu.

Wish You Were Here

is too funereal, and

The Wall



are both way more aggressive than you may remember. We'll just have to wait and see what on the hill over at Tinsley in June. For now, let's hope Omar Afra and the Pegstar guys hire plenty of EMTs and funnel-cake vendors for the eventuality of

Dark Side

happening. Only take what you can handle and just, like, vibe out. Remember, you are gonna make it, man.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.