Win Two Dead Weather Tickets In Rocks Off's Facebook Contest

UPDATE (5:46 p.m.): We have a winner for the Dead Weather tickets, but please add us anyway, because we'll have more giveaways in a day or so.

Alright gang, we promised you a contest last week for some Dead Weather tickets for Saturday night's show at the House of Blues. For this contest, though, you must be a fan of

Rocks Off's Facebook page

. Or Christina Hendricks. Either one is incredibly awesome.

[Ed. Note: Actually, it's just our page, but we understand.]

In order to win, you must answer three questions that are easily answered by searching around our blog (the one you are currently looking at). Once you think you have the correct answers, be the first to post them on our page's wall. The questions will go up on our profile in a matter of minutes. They aren't too hard, and if you have been an avid reader they shouldn't give you much trouble.

Here's a new song from the upcoming Dead Weather album, Sea Of Cowards (due May 11), to provide your hunting soundtrack:

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