Wondering Where to Park for Our Washington Shore Party? Look No Further...

Of all the things you don't want to see in a rearview mirror, a marauding police car ranks pretty high. Especially if you have had a little too much to drink, which is something that Rocks Off knows just a little about. For our Washington Shore party Thursday night, here are some helpful suggestions of how to make the night a little easier on you, your liver, and possibly your criminal record. Parking on or off Washington is not a fun-filled adventure. Tow trucks loom like hungry sharks, and the Houston Police Department has taken quite a strong stance lately on drunk driving up and down the street (as well they should). You don't want a night out with friends to turn into a drunk-driving charge. A few bucks spent on a cab is a pretty good investment compared to a few years in jail and/or court and lawyer fees. The Washington Avenue Drinkery will give out taxi vouchers to folks at the Washington Shore party if they need a safe ride home. They will also call a cab for you if you do not want to use a voucher. The management of the Drinkery wants you to have a good time, but also wants you to be able to come back to the bar in one piece. During our recent research on Washington, we also got to know the Washington Wave, the city's only jitney service. The Wave is a shuttle bus you can ride up and down the avenue all night for $8. It makes stops at the area bars and restaurants, and a few of those establishments offer discounts on drinks and food if you show them your Wave wristband. You can park your vehicle and catch the Wave at its hub on Memorial near the downtown courthouse, and they will also call for a cab if you need it at the end of the night. If you still choose to be brave and park off Washington, we suggest one of two parking lots. A block or two down from Reign Lounge and the Drinkery, safe $5 parking spaces are manned by an attendant; we have used that location a few times to stow our car. There is also a field next to Pearl Bar that offers parking, albeit at $10. You can try to park on the street, but Thursday nights are in essence the first night of Washington's weekend, so spots may be scarce. The neighborhoods behind the Drinkery and Walter's On Washington are good bets if you're feeling lucky. Above all, make sure you have a good (and safe) time. We can't wait to see all your fake-tanned, fist-pumping faces.

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