Woodlands Co-Op Exchanging Signs For Private Shows

One of the things Rocks Off never had in our musical life was a big banner proclaiming our band's undisputed awesomeness. Nor did we have a bass-drum cover with the name emblazoned across the front.

Honestly, it left us feeling quite a bit like we weren't legitimate without them, but such things were always just a tad out of our price range.

Well now Richard Harris of the Woodlands Musicians Co-Op will trade you these badges of authenticity for the price of a private concert in his living room, or so claims the CraigsList ad we stumbled upon yesterday morning.

Initially the invitation to Harris' house on the outskirts of town threw us off. We've seen Blood Dolls, where the creepy little head guy keeps a foxy all-girl goth group in a cage in his living room for entertainment, shocking them when they fail to respond to his requests. Harris assures us that's not the case here.

"We are a not-for-profit musicians co-op," says Harris. "I own a small home sign shop, and I know times are tough for musicians. We need live music to be a music co-op, and it also gets the bands' music out there in our area. Plus it's just so much fun."

The compound has a stage, a jam room with small recording studio and instruments, a game room, an outdoor BBQ kitchen, putting green and a fire pit for gatherings. The property is nicely landscaped with a fishing lake across the street surrounded by a nature preserve with no noise-complaining neighbors anywhere in sight.

All the apartments for rent come furnished, all bills paid, including maid service, wireless, and free access to washers and dryers.

If you're interested in getting your free banner just for a private concert, contact Richard Harris at 832-257-4560.

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