Woodlands Crowd Kicks Up Its Heels to Avetts & Old Crow Boys

The Avett Brothers, Old Crow Medicine Show
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
July 17, 2015

Folksy bluegrass met badass rock and roll Friday night at Cynthia Woods Pavilion when Old Crow Medicine Show and The Avett Brothers took the stage. Old Crow kicked off the evening with an evolving set that blended folk, alternative country, bluegrass and even Tejano music. The seven piece band felt like a brotherhood as they danced around one another, smiling and jumping throughout the show.

Their energy persisted the entire set and the crowd screamed as guitarist/singer, Kevin Hayes exclaimed, “If you want to play in Texas, you gotta have TWO fiddles in the band.” “Tell It to Me” had everyone in the crowd cheering, and Old Crow pleased everyone by closing the night out with “Wagon Wheel,” which Darius Rucker later turned into a No. 1 country hit.

The Avett Brothers took the stage in skinny jeans and flannel shirts, ready to show Houston that folk-rock can be sexy. Brothers Seth and Scott Avett danced, clapped, screamed, shook, and even kazoo-ed in perfect harmony together onstage. The sweet song “Laundry Room” opened the set with the band playing with a comfortable confidence, each member performing technically difficult solos that illustrated his pure talent and genius.

As they played “Rejects in the Attic” – a song that will be featured on their upcoming album – the crowd hushed, impressed by how much the Brothers have grown in their craft since their first album. Happier songs like “Pretty Girl from San Diego” and “Salina” had everyone up and bouncing, while “Winter in My Heart” and “The Perfect Space” lulled the crowd into a quiet sway. The brothers ended their show with “Life” but came back for an encore with kazoos in their mouth, humming a fun instrumental tune and showcasing the rest of the band.

Then they brought Old Crow Medicine Show back onstage to show the audience one hell of a good time with covers of Henry Witter's “Going Down the Road Feeling Bad” and good ol’ Willie Nelson's “Pick Up the Tempo.” Everyone exiting Cynthia Woods was in good spirits and shocked that a show of this caliber was not sold out. The few that attended had a damn good time, and felt blessed to have such an intimate show at one of Houston’s largest venues.

Laundry Room
Wanted Man (Doc Watson cover)
Down with the Shine
Talk on Indolence
Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
Will You Return?
A Father's First Spring
Live and Die
Ten Thousand Words
Rejects in the Attic
Paranoia in B-Flat Major
Traveling Song
Morning Song
Pretty Girl From San Diego
Le Reel Du Pendu / Les Bars De La Prison
Die Die Die
Winter in My Heart
Slight Figure of Speech
The Perfect Space

The D-Bag Rag
Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad (w/ Old Crow Medicine Show; Henry Witter cover)
Pick Up The Tempo (w/ Old Crow Medicine Show;  Willie Nelson cover)
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