World Premiere: Coast's "Still Walking" Video

If you're new to Coast or if, perhaps, this is your first listen to arguably one of the most embraced underground hip-hop artists in Texas, you might click other write-ups hyperlinked throughout this blog to know more about him. You'll see lengthy proclamations in the comment section, which serve as his fans' platform for their hearts' outpourings of appreciation. You'll wonder why so many are invested in his music, invested in wanting to see him succeed and be heard by more than just them. The reason is because Coast's music is invested in their own lives, not it fantasy worlds of 26-inch rims, big-booty hoes, and lavish lifestyles. No, his music is a reflection of true life - their life. Even if he's talking about his own, often times, he's talking about theirs. Take the premiere of the video "Still Walking," a track which will be featured on his next album, Lively-Hood. When he walks through his hood, we see the broken concrete driveways of Lamar Park Apartments and the 18 other neighborhoods we lived in throughout our transient upbringing. When he visits the final resting place of his friend Fat Bat, we see our own father's grave. When he talks about questioning whether he's doing what he was put on this earth to do, we wonder the same everyday. When he says Epsom Downs, we hear Richmond. When he talks about his struggle with sleep, we're awake at the same time. When he says psychiatrists cost too much, we agree. When he talks about how his passion and his love bump heads, we're caught in the same middle. When Coast makes music, well, like the song says, "This is who I am."

If you're wondering who gave cameos at the beginning of the video, Stunta is in the back seat with Coast, DJ Eddie Deville is in the driver's seat and Lucky Luciano is the front-seat passenger. Also, if you're wondering why the track sounds a bit different from what's been leaked on the Internet, it's because Coast outfitted this one with a brand new beat by Germany's Cal1.

Follow Coast on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. Also visit his blog, CassetteCoast.com. Rolando Rodriguez is the managing editor of RedBrownandBlue.com. Follow him on MySpace and on Twitter, or befriend him on Facebook.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.