Worst Dad Ever (Featuring Beyonce)

Watch this video (via


). If you're at work and YouTube is blocked, bookmark it and watch when you get home.

OK, here's a synopsis: Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" comes on the radio. Kids in back, including boy toddler in car seat, love it and begin singing along. Man driving informs the young lad he is not, in fact, a single lady. Kid cries. And cries. And cries... Wow. Self-esteem and parenting FAIL - Rocks Off is just assuming the driver is his dad; if not, someone call CPS. Will this poor kid grow up to be... a) Pop idol of indeterminate gender a la Beyonce pal

Lady GaGa

b) Snark-spewing Internet gossip queen a la

Perez Hilton

c) Life without parole for inevitable, and no doubt justifiable, patricide d) Dead, if his dad continues using a video camera while he's driving e) ????? - you tell us... Stay tuned for more "Fails of the Week" a little later on today.

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