Worst Wedding DJ. Ever.

First, watch the video before you even start reading this. Direct your eyes up and push play. It's less than a minute. Take a sip of coffee first... Please dear God, that has to be his wife. Seriously, if it's not, it may be grounds for one of the most horrendous, yet justifiable, murder cases in our country's history. That poor purple woman probably beat him so severely after this happened that he was buried in a matchbox to his teeth. We have been talking about

wedding bands
and DJs

a lot this week, and this pretty much dropped into our lap Thursday morning. All told, we probably watched it seven times, not counting every time a friend sent it to us or we saw it on Facebook. Why did she not push him away, grimace and


? Why?!? How messed up would you have to be to play your wife's breasts like bongos in public? Also, how much does Stardust Entertainment charge, and will they travel to Houston?

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