Jona Bechtolt wears many masks. The 27-year-old Wisconsin native is an Internet wizard (he had a hand in creating two prodigious online sites, Urban Honking and The Ultimate Blogger), a drummer for Devendra Banhart & The Queens of Sheeba, and the second half of The Blow. Indeed, Bechtolt has been many things, but above all else he is YACHT.

YACHT recently released I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real, his first full-length CD of original material. Most of his songs have a dance beat; it's hard to resist dancing when one can easily hear a slowed reverberation of the Stones' “Miss You” while listening to YACHTÕs “See A Penny (Pick It Up).” The rest of YACHT's catalogue ranges from disco to electronica, emphasizing his mixing and producing talents with little focus on the lyrics. But don't think that means the music is more style than substance. The fact is, YACHT provides plenty of substance and, more importantly, does so with style.

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