Kill Us Now, Please

Yahoo Answers Chooses The Best Valentine's Day Songs

We just read today that the most famous song for Valentine's Day is "Let's Get It On" by Barry White. It literally read, "Prally barry white lets get it on. it was voted the most romantic song of the last century."

Yahoo Answers is either full of trolls or actual human beings who, in fellow Rocks Off writer John Seaborn Gray's opinion, are too stupid to use Google.

If you haven't perused the endless Q&As of Yahoo Answers, we'll break it down for you. It's essentially a place where a bunch of idiots are giving other idiots misleading - and ofttimes nonfactual - information. Someone asks a question, multiple people answer, and then the masses vote on the best answer. This gives the top answerer/idiot "points," which are nonredeemable, because idiots only need bragging rights.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we've decided to see what the Yahoo Answers population has voted for the most romantic songs for the special occasion, from the best mood music for a candlelit dinner to the most effective playlist for "violent" love-making.

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Allison Wagoner