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Years of Refusal: 8 More '80s Icons Who Should Follow Morrissey Into Retirement

Morrissey announced this week that he plans to retire in two years. That's tragic news in some circles, but we think it's a good move. In 2014, he'll turn 55, and the Smiths thing is never happening. How much longer is he supposed to do this? Another ten years 'til he's 65? He's Morrissey, not a Chicago bluesman. Better to go out on your own terms and enjoy your success than to wait for your fanbase to die of old age before settling down.

There's a lot to be said for knowing when to call it quits. Take R.E.M., for example. Michael Stipe and his bandmates walked away last year with their dignity and esteem intact, leaving fans only memories of their best. Would it be such a bad thing if more of '80s superstars followed their lead?

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Nathan Smith
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