You Ain't Punk 2004

Like hundreds of other kids, Christian Arnheiter saw the Sex Pistols on their ill-fated 1978 U.S. tour and immediately formed a punk band. Though overshadowed by the mewling pop-punkers on MTV, 26 years later, true punk still lives, fuck you very much. And so does Arnheiter's band the Hates, which will perform as the Ramones at this Vegas-style punk tribute night. The rest of the lineup: Pride Kills as Minor Threat, Lluvia Dreams as Joan Jett, Living Dolls as Black Flag, Crash Hall Surprise as Face to Face, Ballistics as Beastie Boys, Incisor as Misfits, Last Minute Fix as Sick of It All and Second Society as Aus-rotten. (No Buzzcocks? No Pistols? What gives?) You couldn't ask for a better excuse to dig the Doc Martens out from the back of the closet and apply a pint of Krazy Glue to your thinning coif.
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Greg Barr
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