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Young Sensation Only Wants A Chance In Your Speakers

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Last year, Young Sensation -bespectacled rapper, backpack enthusiast-- released a tape called C.H.I.L.L., a rounded, underappreciated effort that was fated to wander lost in the ebb and flow of mixtapedom.

Though you'd be forgiven for blindly disregarding his music based on his name, you'd be mistaken. YS is a talented emcee, seemingly capable of the kinds of flashes of rap aptitude (and altitude) that can build an underground rapper's buzz almost instantly, yet another weapon in the growing, growing, growing class of Houston rap freshmen.

As such, we bothered him for a bit to get him to say words in response to words that we said towards him. What follows is the interview. There is talk of non-drunk decision making, younger sensations and Tyga's "Rack City," or, as it's also known, God's Favorite Rap Song.

Rocks Off: Tell everybody everything they need to know about Young Sensation in exactly six words.

YS: Helpful, truthful, determined, dreamer, inspirational, intelligent.

Rocks Off: Now tell everybody exactly how drunk you were when you decided it'd be a good idea if you called yourself "Young Sensation."

YS: [laughs] Man, I was not drunk. It just came up in the studio one day and I ran with it. But I'ma just let people call me YS.

RO: Finish these sentences:

The best rapper alive right now is...

YS: Jay-Z or Eminem.

RO: Tyga's "Rack City" might be the ___________ song ever because __________.

YS: Flyest because of his style.

RO: Was it your intention to be compared with Jackie Chan when you made your C.H.I.L.L. tape?

YS: [laughs] Man, if I'm compared to him, it's because I'm putting up a fight. [laughs]

Listen to "Plan B" by Young Sensation

Listen to "Plan B" by Young Sensation

RO: If you only had one song you could play in an attempt to convince people that you're a rap genius, which would it be? Why?

YS: Man, I'ono. Probably "Vent" or "Plan B" because I was spitting some real stuff.

RO: When you have a baby, are you going to call him/her "Younger Sensation"?

YS: [laughs] Nah.

RO: Where can people download your tape?

YS: All my music is on here. Shout out to the homie B. Hobbs and Tha Fixx.

Listen to "Tonight" by Young Sensation

Listen to "Tonight" by Young Sensation

RO: Is there anything you want to make sure gets mentioned?

YS: I really just want people to hear me out and listen to my music. Give me a chance in your speakers.

Follow Young Sensation on Twitter at @YoungSensation.

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