Young the Giant at Bayou Music Center, 2/16/2014

Young the Giant Bayou Music Center February 16, 2014

Nine dates into an ambitious tour sprawling 44 cities, Young the Giant are feeling the love.

"It takes a lot to get back into being on the road," lead vocalist Sameer Gadhia said. "Sometimes you feel like shit the whole way, but when we're up here onstage and have a crowd like you guys... we know why we're here."

Such talk generally sounds rehearsed and is added into shows simply to keep the masses excited as other band members tune their guitars, but the crowd at Bayou Music Center Sunday night was so spirited and raucous, it sounded authentic.

Last night, at a near-capacity venue, the California-based quintet treated a throng of screaming Houstonians to an hour and a half of atmospheric alternative rock, supplemented with an impressive light show.

Jumping, dancing and singing along, fans lifted their hands into the air, stretching out their fingers toward the beams of light shining just above their heads as YTG ambled through 17 tracks.

On tour in support of their sophomore release, Mind Over Matter, YTG's set list was heavy on newer songs, punctuated with with a few better-known cuts off their eponymous debut album, including "Apartment," "Cough Syrup" and "My Body."

Their newer songs are more emotional and energetic, and Gadhia's vocals have more of a bite to them now. But this energy bled into the sound of their old tracks, too.

Ending the evening with the upbeat and infectious track "My Body," YTG left the crowd exhausted, but in the best way. Like the band itself, fans poured out of BMC spent but with wide-eyed smiles. Sunday night satisfaction.

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Personal Bias: I rediscovered Young the Giant a few months back when I heard Volbeat cover "My Body," and was reminded how catchy that tune is. Good timing too, since they were about to release a new album.

Overheard in the Crowd: "I like how they went out of their way to dress like that."

Random Notebook Dump: While performing "Cough Syrup," Young the Giant's background lighting turned purple. It was probably a coincidence, but I'd like to think it was an homage to the city of purple drank.


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