Youngest N Charge: BP, Mike & Young B (Son Of Bun) Keep It Trill

Wednesday night, Dub Frequency hosted yet another Crème de la Crème show at House of Blues' Bronze Peacock Room. The series usually features Houston acts opening and an up-and-coming out-of-towner as the main act. The crowd was a full of young men in skinny jeans and snapback hats, with a few females sprinkled in.

This time it was all about giving the locals a chance to showcase their talents to the city. The group Youngest N Charge, the trio of Young B, BP and Mike, was one of the many local acts to hit the stage. Young B, 26, is the son of UGK living legend Bun B.

Rocks Off: How did you all link up to form Youngest N Charge?

Young B: Well, BP and Mike were already a group and had been rapping way before I decided to start rapping. They both found me on MySpace back in 2005 when it used to be poppin'.

RO: Mike and BP, how long were you two rapping together?

BP: Since 2000, back when we were really young around 17 or something.

RO: How do you all feel about the local Houston music scene?

Mike: I feel really good about it, there is a lot of us that's coming up right now.

RO: Do you feel there is enough unity among the artists?

BP & Young B: Nope!

RO: Why do you feel like this?

Mike: It's the rap game in general, it's fucked up but everybody doesn't like everybody.

Young B: I look at me linking up with these two as a blessing because they sought me out over the Internet and saw my potential.

RO: Was this the group's first year at SXSW?

Young B: No, this was our third, but it felt like the first because this was our first year getting on bigger showcases.

RO: Which artists do you all look up to?


Mike: Eightball & MJG.

Young B: Boosie, Webbie and Young Jeezy.

RO: Who do you all hope to work with?

Young B: Big K.R.I.T

RO: Young B, do you ever feel that people's expectations of your rapping will always be set high because you're the son of a legend?

Young B: Of course I feel like that all the time, but I've kind of gotten used to it and I know that Bun believes in me so that's all I need.

RO: Was there ever anyone against you rapping when you decided to start?

Young B: Yes! My mom and my dad didn't like the idea at all. I was still in school at PV at the time so they were not happy when I wanted to leave school to rap.

RO: What made you overcome something like that?

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Young B: I'm not the type of person that gives up. If I see something I want I go get it.

RO: So what's next for Youngest N Charge?

Mike: Trill Shit Vol. 4 is dropping next month, and we have new project we're working on coming out this fall but we don't have a title for it yet.

RO: Can we expect to see any special features on the new mixtape?

BP: Propain.

Young B: And some other familiar names that you just have to wait and see.

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