Your Band Would Be A Lot Cooler With A Pole Dancer

Back when Rocks Off was in high school, the ska movement was in full... swing. Every weekend somewhere in Houston would be at least one skank-worthy show. The best thing about ska music is that no band is complete without a guy whose job is just to lead the dancing.

Well, that guy has now been trumped forever, because Molly Does not Approve, a new York vintage burlesque musical act, has forever set the pole by adding live pole dancing to their set. In this video for "Lila," pole dancer Michelle Stanek pulls off something that blurs the line between striptease and interpretational mime. Seriously, we've seen ballets that don't tell a story this well. And to top it all off, the music is phenomenal.

New York imports us some fine weirdness - Peelander-Z for example. Maybe Carmina Bell over at Underworld will tempt Molly Does Not Approve down for a little shimmy and a lesson in making good music even better.

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