Your Favorite Bands: How To Correctly Pronounce Their Names

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Tyagaraja: "Tie-YAH-gah-RAH-jah"


Sade: "Sha-DAY"

Alternate: "Mom and Dad's bedroom door is locked again."

Samhain: "Saw-WHEEN"

Alternate: "Just say Sam-hain and shut up."

Einsturzende Neubauten: "Ein-STUR-zen-duh NOI-bout-en"

Alternate: "Just point at the album and smile politely."

Portishead: "PORE-tiss-head"

Alternate: "Heroin"

Yngwie Malmsteen: "Eeeng-VAY Mahlm-STEEN"

Alternate: "Not Eddie Van Halen"

NOFX: "NO-Eff-Ex"

Alternate: "Playskool My First Punk Band"

Alexisonfire: "Uh-LEK-sis On Fire"

Alternate: "Man, Warped Tour makes me feel old now."

Avett Brothers: "EH-Vett Brothers"

Alternate: "Is this Dawes/Fleet Foxes/Mumford & Sons?"

The XX: "The Ex Ex"

Not Acceptable: "The 20"

Ke$ha: "Keh-SHUH"

Alternate: "Is that a fake ID, because if it is you can't put glitter on me there."

Yeasayer: "YAY-Say-er"

Alternate: "Pitchfork said so."

MGMT: "EM-Gee-EM-Tee"

Alternate: "That one band that you only own the first album from."

Kylesa: "Ky-LESS-ah"

Alternate: "(blood-curdling scream)"

INXS: "In-EX-ess"

Alternate: "The band from the Six Flags commercial, right?"

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