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Your Guide to the Houston Press Music Awards Showcase

For the silver-anniversary Houston Press Music Awards Showcase this Sunday, August 4, we pulled out all the stops. We prevailed upon some perpetual nominees who had missed the past few showcases to give it another shot, but we're also proud to have several nominees ­playing their very first HPMAs. Either way, we think you'll like the results.

From country to rap, pop to metal, these are 45 of the finest bands and musicians (plus one special guest) Houston has to offer, and we're honored they're playing an event with our name on it. See HPMusicawards.com for ticket information; until the day of the show, a wristband good for admission to all eight venues all afternoon long is a cool $10. CHRIS GRAY


1302 Dallas, bens-beans.com


Nominated in: Best Latin Act

Known onstage as simply Yelba, Yelba Heaton tackles everything from country to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" with her signature "Latin Twist." The Nicaragua­-born singer fronts the aptly named Yelba's Variety Band with a versatility that has given her one of the area's most crowded booking ­calendars. CHRIS GRAY

5 p.m.: THE TRIMMS

Nominated in: Best Male Vocals (Dillon Trimm), Best Guitarist (Adrian Martinez), Best Drummer (Gabe Bravo), Best Traditional Rock

The Trimms are up for a bucketload of awards in large part because they're one of Houston's most solid rock bands. Their shows are an amazing mixture of perfectly chosen covers and punchy originals that call up the energy of modern acts like Nico Vega, like a bomb that constantly explodes through the entire set. JEF WITH ONE F

6 p.m.: LA SIEN

Nominated in: Best Latin Act

Bragging on Houston's cultural diversity, this time we're not talking about food or a cool place to visit on the weekend. La Sien is a young Spanish-rock act doing some beautiful things with gorgeous vocals and fluid instrumental prowess. ­ALYSSA ­DUPREE


Nominated in: Best Pop Act

If you find it hard to stop listening to Kristine Mills once she opens her mouth, you're not alone. The singer-songwriter's recent pop-­oriented album, asYETuntitled, is her fifth, and she shows no signs of slowing down. Though she's known for her upbeat personality that will bring joy to any crowd, Mills's intensity as a performer is what lingers. ­ALYSSA ­DUPREE


Nominated in: Best Soul/Funk/R&B

Last year Caretta Bell skated into the Best Music Video category with a glossy gem called "Growing Painz" that showed off the impressive range of her whispery soul voice. Her music is a light brand of classic R&B that can always bring the mood to a sexier level, but still with a sweetness that keeps the whole thing from turning overt. JEF WITH ONE F


Nominated in: Best Local Recording (Grievous Angels), Local Musician of the Year (Libby Koch), Best Female Vocals (Lainey Balaiga), Best Folk/Americana

As soon as you hear the Grievous Angels, you discover what you didn't know you were missing on mainstream country radio — an ­Americana-rooted trio of strong female voices backed by fiddle, acoustic guitar and steel guitar. Don't be surprised if you find yourself two-stepping with your honey soon afterward. ­ALYSSA ­DUPREE


1209 Caroline, dirtbar.com

4 p.m.: BEETLE

Nominated in: Best Cover/Tribute Act

Even if you had a Tardis like Doctor Who, where would you go see the Beatles? The Ed Sullivan Show? Looking up at the Apple headquarters rooftop concert? Well, you don't have a Tardis, but Beetle offers the next best thing, tracing the early club days through Abbey Road every Thursday at the Continental Club. JEF WITH ONE F


Nominated in: Best Traditional Rock

Born Again Virgins mean business when it comes to noisy, sweaty, glorious rock and roll. From front man James Red's searing vocals to badass (girl) guitar guru Adria LeCrone, the Virgins are all razor-sharp edges and balls of steel without losing any musicality. ­ANGELICA LEICHT


Nominated in: Best Traditional Rock

Strong male vocal harmony doesn't happen in every band, but it's what AThousandColours seems to do best. The relative newcomers' sound somehow feels bigger than Houston, making it hard to believe they've only released two short EPs, The Come Around and the newer The River. It doesn't feel like enough. ­ALYSSA ­DUPREE


Nominated in: Best Local Recording (American Fangs), Best Local Music Video ("Pomona"), Best Modern Rock

American Fangs has always put out quality music videos, usually just a lot of rocking, some girls and a good time, but the band knows how to produce really professional work. Presumably shot on the same trip out to California where Fangs guitarist Nik Slimp was attacked by a man who told the police he was a vampire, the video for "Pomona" shows the band hitting Hollywood sights and playing under a burnt orange sunset on a rooftop. American Fangs keeps it simple and high-energy but with an oomph most others can't pull off. JEF WITH ONE F

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