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Your Local Black Friday/Record Store Day Shopper's Guide

Historically speaking, "Black Friday" is a phrase synonymous with discount hand-mixers and 5 a.m. tramplings at the local Walmart. By definition alone -- so not hip. And while all of you normal folks -- who would rather pay the extra $50 for a PS4 over pitching a tent in the shantytown that accumulates outside Best Buy every Thanksgiving night -- are highly advised to sleep in and enjoy some tasty Tofurky leftovers this Friday, you may just want to venture out after the early-bird deals have ended and get in a little record-shopping at your favorite locally owned spots.

The reason being that, as you may not know, the organizers of April's nationwide Record Store Day have declared Black Friday a secondary annual event aimed at encouraging shoppers to buy from independent shops. To that end, indie record stores around the country are scheduling various special events for this coming Friday, November 29. In addition, major labels have planned special releases and limited editions to be debuted for the occasion. (See a full list here.)

So, if you're a vinyl junkie, there's no better time of the season to supplement your collection or do a little early gift-shopping. Not a record enthusiast, per se? Who cares! Everyone is bound to need a little family-time time-out... and did we mention free booze?

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Leila Chemam-Alfaro