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Your Sex Is On Tour: Kings Of Leon Announce Second Houston Date In A Year

Nashville alt-rock pin-ups the Kings of Leon are hitting Houston again for the second time in a year, with a newly announced date at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion September 22.

The band has been on a tear since the release of 2008's Only by the Night, shedding their scruffy, twangy indie image for the lofty trappings of sporting arenas and big-scale outdoor sheds. That's what happens when you release a randy song called "Sex on Fire" to a mainstream radio scene starved for something not dressed up like MMA fighters.

The band nearly sold out its October 2009 date at Toyota Center, which saw White Lies as a supporting act. That show was decent, but the band seemed extremely tired from the road, coming off a grueling ACL appearance and the end of an expansive year-long tour. They looked gassed and bored, but still put in a serviceable show for the decidedly fair-weather crowd.

They sounded a little listless at Verizon in October of '08 too, shortly after the release of Night, and it seems like a million miles ago that the band played the smallish Warehouse Live and even longer since they played a free Camel show at the old Meridian (a show that pre-dates the Rocks Off Era of the Press).

If you remember them opening for the Strokes in 2004, you get triple indie-cred points too. Back then the boys looked like a gang of roadies who escaped from a 1971 tour. Now they look like they would like to show you this new pair of jeans.

They are on sale this Saturday. (Guess where?) Would you like to sign up for a Lucky Jeans credit card? It only takes five minutes...
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Craig Hlavaty
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