Your Shameful Musical Secrets Collected: #gotcha!

For the past few days on Twitter, Rocks Off has been imploring our followers, our precious 3,250 friends (and counting), to tell us their shameful musical secrets by using the hashtag #shamefulafternoonsecrets or #shamefulmorningsecrets, the latter which could sound like a sordid booty call highlight reel.

We added our own secrets to the mix to get the ball rolling, like dropping that we make a personal funeral playlist once a year, and that we like Metallica's "Whiskey In The Jar" from Garage Inc. just slightly more than Thin Lizzy's Jailbreak original. Or another nugget about how we are fans of the production on the Bee Gees' disco work.

It's a fun way to pass the time, and plus adding a goofy Twitter hashtag means you won't be held accountable for what you owned up to, at least not in real life. While we were putting this together we were jamming the Rolling Stones' Voodoo Lounge, too. It's no Emotional Rescue, but it will have to suffice.

@tj1031: That Katy Perry song "E.T." is kinda the jam.

It's cool, we don't change the station when "Firework" comes on either.

@Lexi_Khan: I own several Billy Ray Cyrus cassettes and listen to them regularly. AND I LIKE IT.

At least you are retro and using cassettes still?

@FTerrence:I collect Milli Vanilli bootlegs.

My favorite McCartney song is "Silly Love Songs."

I just listened to the Sgt. Peppers movie soundtrack and sang along.

I bought the Chris Gaines album.

The Pepper's soundtrack - more Bee Gees!

@Bindusara: Every Friday before we leave work for the weekend, we blast Toto's "Africa." It's tradition now.

We jam out to Appetite For Destruction first thing each workday, so we win.

@shannon_rae: I still listen to Dishwalla on a regular basis.

We can't top that.

@alydee: I once bought a Nickelback album thinking it'd be good and it was actually frightening.

Frightening in a good way? Like frighteningly catchy?

@HTownChowDown: When I'm working I often listen to '80s dance music. This is private, right?

Working out or working working in the office? It matters.

@GunsAndTacos: Joe Jackson's "Stepping Out" is the jam.

"Real Men" is a jam too.

@ThisIsRoxanne: My mom found my old Dashboard Confessional CD...and I was little excited about it.

Your hair is everywhere.

@listenyoungman: I have pretended to understand Zappa.

What's not to understand? (Wait, do we really not understand Zappa?)

@sarahodom: I was once married to an awful Houston rapper.

He's got a large white trash following in South Houston and Pasadena. Used to go by Lil' Vato. Now it's Catalyst, or Conflict?

That's cold-blooded, and funny.

@catherinenolan: Just jammed a nifty dance to some Lady Gaga.

No judgment here.

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