You've Been Kanyed: 16 Musicians Soon To Become Verbs

Some names become synonymous with an action - just ask Thomas Crapper. With the overwhelming fame of some superstars being beamed at us day in and day out, Rocks Off wondered what some of their names would mean as verbs.

BIEBER (v.): To defecate in a loud manner. Sorry guys, I had Taco Bell. You probably heard me Biebering all the way out here!

BONO (v.): To be morally superior. Bret really Bonoed last night. He didn't draw on my face while I was passed out or anything!

CHROMEO (v.): To peacefully groove. I don't know why the Israelis and the Palestinians can't just have a drink and Chromeo at a barbecue.

GAGA (v.): To shock and amaze. When Scott pulled a lit string of Christmas lights out of his anus, we were all thoroughly Gagaed.

GOLDFRAPP (v.): To exercise for satanic purposes. I Goldfrapped for two hours yesterday, and now my arms hurt and the room is covered in pig blood.

ICP (v.): To fling poo. Why are those monkeys ICPing those tourists, mommy? I don't know, sweetheart, we think the face paint causes irreversible brain damage.

JONAS (v.): To refuse sex for religious reasons. I told Carl my parents weren't home, but he totally Jonased out.

KANYE (v.): To interrupt an important occasion. Karen Kanyed Paul and Jen's wedding when her cell phone wouldn't stop playing Wolfsheim.

KESHA (v.): To suck. Why doesn't Texas fall into the ocean? 'Cause Oklahoma Keshas.

LEMMY (v.): To have sexual congress with two or more partners concurrently. After the party we went back to my place, and I Lemmed Tracey and Carol!

MILEY (v.): To enthrall or control through undetectable means. Reports are coming in that Mileyed terrorists launched homemade bombs at a Demi Lovato concert last night.

MUSE (v.): To consistently produce lower and lower quality. Heroes was a great show that first season, but it just kept Musing as it went on.

OZZY (v.): To consume part of a live animal. When the store ran out of bacon, Heather tried to Ozzy a pig.

PERRY (v.): To behave or dress in a slatternly manner. Look at you, all Perryed up in those tight clothes and painted like trash.

T-PAIN (v.): To be on a motherfucking boat. Yeah, all those people on the Titanic died, but before that they at least got to T-Pain.

THATGUYFROMKORN (v.): To convert to Christianity. Before Summer went and ThatguyfromKorned, she was all into girls, voodoo and power tools.

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