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Z-Ro the Emo: His Most Passionate Songs, Part 1

Before Drake or Kid Cudi, Houston had its very own passionate singer/rapper. The Mo City Don, Z-Ro, has been pouring his heart out on tracks since the '90s. Anybody could catch his melodic and heartbroken wrath, whether ladies, "friends" or enemies.

Here's a look at 15 of Z-Ro's most heartfelt songs, split over two days.

15. "Still Gets No Love" (feat. Trae): Z-Ro teamed up with his cousin Trae for this ABN classic.

All you hoes still gets no love

All you can get is a fuck you

Get mad if you want to

Kiss my Black ass

14. "Light of Mine": Ro took a shot at twisting the old gospel classic for the Mo City Players mixtape.

Everybody been claiming that they still down

But I fear they will try to kill me

Because they cowards

13. "Let It Go": On this song, Z-Ro mentions being fed up with the way things are going with his career and missing old friends.

Can't nobody talk about pain like me and that's a goddamn shame

a nigga been pen-pimpin' since '91

and still in pursuit of my change

12. "Take My Time" (feat. Lil Flip): On the Angel Dust album, Z-Ro linked with Lil Flip about not rushing into relationships with women and the music industry.

Too many years, I done paid the price

You must be smoking

If you think I'ma make you my wife

11. "Never Had Love": Z-Ro passionately professes his non-exsistent love for anyone. He loves his money though.

I'm a million-dollar mack, that's how I carry myself

And can't no woman have my heart

'cause I'm gon' marry myself

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