Zachary Byron Helm: Black Leather, Bingo, And Nine Inch Nails

Rocks Off likes to check in on Zachary Byron Helm and SORP Films from time to time just to see what the master of goth, industrial, and other dark music parodies is up to. Whether it's his masterpiece of mockery The League of Extraordinary Industrial Retards or peddling a rockabilly cereal we always know a good laugh at 90% of our friends is a sure thing.

We got something quite new in his latest film, Closer to Bingo though. Though much of his work is centered around spooky music and fans who appreciate it he hasn't really made a music video or a parody song before that we're aware of. Well, if you're going to start you might as well start at the top, and Helm did by bringing together Trent Reznor and bingo.

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