Zen Master Steve Forbert Calls Down the Muse

Steve Forbert McGonigel's Mucky Duck April 18, 2015

A jaded, wary veteran like Steve Forbert seems an unlikely candidate for restoring our faith in the troubadour tradition, but he reached deep in his trick bag Saturday night to give it his best shot. He frequently seemed like a character he name-checks in the old chestnut "Going Down to Laurel:"

"Look at Johnny jivin' across the floor/ He can play the fool and make a few mistakes/ But he'll never be a bore."

And bore us Forbert did not as he threw fairy dust on our ears from across the wide span of his 15-album catalog. By the time he'd warmed up the late-show crowd and jumped into "All I Need to Do," he had the audience, many of whom knew every word of every tune, singing along on the choruses.

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William Michael Smith