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Harris County Deputies Seize 600 Pounds of Kid-Friendly Meth Lollipops

Trick or treat?
Trick or treat? Harris County Sheriff's Office
A call for a burglary in progress turned into a weird discovery when Harris County Sheriff's Office deputies showed up to find "bags and bags and bags of candy lollipops — but they all have meth inside of them," according to Lieutenant Ruben Diaz, a narcotics investigator.

Neighbors called 911 as they saw two suspects, whom the sheriff's office declined to identify, appear to be breaking into a nearby home. When deputies rolled up, they apprehended the two people, a man and a woman, as they were leaving the home.

"They put so many drugs inside the vehicle they were trying to flee in that they couldn't even close the hatch," Diaz said.

Investigators estimate that the 600 pounds of meth lollipops seized from both the suspects' vehicle and inside the home are worth $1 million on the street. As it turns out, the meth-pops were apparently kid-friendly, crafted in the shape of Batman and Star Wars characters, leading investigators to believe that the makers were targeting young people.

click to enlarge Yoda just doesn't look very happy here. - HARRIS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE
Yoda just doesn't look very happy here.
Harris County Sheriff's Office
"Even if they were not sold directly to a child," Diaz said, "what if these lollipops were dropped anywhere in the neighborhood and a child picked them up thinking they were candy? So this was concerning to all of us. The address where this took place was actually close to a school."

Diaz also declined to identify the address. He said he believed that the woman deputies arrested had been staying at the home in question previously and had returned to steal all the drugs inside.

Investigators believe the meth and lollipops were manufactured inside this home and are now investigating the scope of the twisted operation.
Harris County Sheriff's Office

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