10 Awful '60s Saturday Morning Cartoons

People of a certain age like to remember the '60s as a golden age of cartoons, when nothing but magic came out of screens as kids lapped up their cereal while Daddy slept off a hangover upstairs.

But for every Rocky & Bullwinkle, Jonny Quest or Top Cat, there was a bunch of dreck.

Stuck as filler between cartoons featuring more popular characters, these B-list productions generally featured sparse backgrounds, lots and lots of running in front of those sparse backgrounds, and lame jokes that usually had no connection to the situation. All that changed were the settings, from the American Revolution to the Old West to a big city.

Here are ten that those rosy-eyed nostalgists have probably forgotten.

10. Touché Turtle
Jokes about Napoleon, Wellington and the gold standard can't save this, a classic example of a secondary character used to fill time in the Saturday-morning shows.

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Richard Connelly
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