10 Best Houston Sports Moments: We Want Your Input

With no more (or better) motivation than It Needs To Be Done, we are looking to set forth a formal, unimpeachable, inarguable list of Houston's all-time top ten sports moments/events/happenings.

These can be as specific as Earl Campbell's legendary Monday Night Football run, or just the games themselves, or even things like hosting  the Super Bowl or the Astrodome opening.

We're also looking to compile Houston's five most heartbreaking, "We wuz robbed" moments.

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Of course, we need your help.

We're looking for nominations, but also any memories or anecdotes of experiencing the events you nominate, whether it was watching on TV or being at the game. If you have pictures documenting "Love Ya Blue" or the Rockets' downtown parade or any other event, post them to the Houston Press Flickr page.

You can submit stuff through the comments here for the balance of the week, or if you're shy you can e-mail rich.connelly at houstonpress.com, and you know how to substitute that "at" with an "@."

So help us out here, Houston, with the pain and the pleasure of being a sports fan here.

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