10 Bizarre (And Surprisingly Expensive) Ways to Hide a Cat Litter Box

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I have cats. Yes, I'm a fortysomething man with cats. You got a problem? What I have learned over the years is that the biggest pain in the ass when dealing with cats is the litter box. Hair is annoying. Vet bills can be expensive. But the foul ammonia smell of cat pee will permeate your entire existence and make you lose your will to live.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of crazy contraptions, deodorizers and kinds of litter to help in your efforts. But the only way to ensure a clean box is to clean the damn thing as often as possible -- in my case, every day.

That, unfortunately, doesn't solve the problem of an open box filled with feline feces and clumps of urine-soaked litter balls just sitting on the floor. It's like an open sewer in your house and it's gross. No one wants to see that. Fortunately, cats are totally cool with enclosed boxes -- most of them anyway -- so there are hooded litter boxes that also help filter the air.

But, if you really want to step it up a notch, however, you might consider a litter box enclosure, sometimes referred to as a litter box "house," and they come in all shapes, sizes, designs and prices. Who knew? Here you go, pet lover, ten wacky ways to hide your cat's poop.

10. On the Cheap, Do It Yourself Litter Box Enclosure Let's start simple. For ten bucks, this guy claims you can make a box house. Sure, it's made from a crappy Ikea side table and poster board, but it's super cheap. Get to it, handyman.

9. The Litter Box House Now, we're talking. Your daughter might mistake this for a dollhouse, but it's really a plastic house of poo with a charcoal-filled chimney to help cut down on odor. A plastic walkway is set up to help get litter off tiny paws before they leave this fancy outhouse.

8. Chateau Looey Box Enclosures The Chateau Looey enclosures might look fancy, but they are basically just painted corrugated plastic. But they do have a wide variety, from the Mia Casa to the Malibu Surf House to the Yellowstone Hideaway and Midtown Apartment. Fancy!

7. Modern Designs Maybe you live in an upscale downtown loft with a European minimalist flair, but your cat is screwing it all up with his nasty toilet. Never fear, because there are modern options for you too. Whether it's the $270 contemporary cabinet (top left) or the Clockwork Orange-looking Mox Litter Tower (above right) for $130, your pad will still be swank and cool for kitty.

6. Bathroom Cabinets and Night Stands Even I have to admit these are pretty damn clever. Sure, they all look like rejects from the Ethan Allen catalog, but few will be the wiser. If your great aunt stays over, you might want to warn her lest she open the bathroom cabinet looking for extra towels only to find FiFi's little piles of foo foo.

5. Pink Kitty House If you are a girly girl or really into Hello Kitty, this may be the house for you. From a Kaboodle user named courtneycupcake (appropriate), you can even get the little daisy mat separately. To quote some of my female friends, "Squee!" Note: Please don't get this if you have a male cat. Spare him some dignity.

4. Fake Plant Hider This one is supposedly a "bed," but who are they kidding? Drop some litter in that bad boy and you have one funky fake plant litter hider. So decorative.

3. Tri-Fold Kitty Screen This little screen -- in a variety of fabric swatches -- is great if your cat is a geisha.

2. Custom Made Wood Chests Growing up, my grandparents had beautiful cedar chests for storing blankets. This guy has brought that classic American style to litter boxes with these custom-made wood boxes in oak, pine and even mahogany. They can be lined with cedar, people! And considering how beautiful they are, they are a bargain at a few hundred bucks.

1. Full-sized Shaker and Amish Style Cabinets Sometimes it is difficult to express just how out there something is. Fortunately, in this case, the names alone do the job. When you show someone your incredible Amish corner litter box hider or full-sized Shaker cabinet (under $1000...barely), it says you don't fuck around when it comes to cat crap. Also, you have more money than you know what to do with and you're probably crazy. Success!

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