10 College-Related Thoughts on the NFL Draft, Including Case Keenum

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I'm not the draft expert that some of my Press colleagues are. Yet I do watch a lot of football, especially college football, and like every football fan, I have a few thoughts about some of the things that happened over this past weekend.

10. There are probably a bunch of Houston Cougar fans that are still really pissed off at Kevin Sumlin for ditching the school and heading to Texas A&M. But think about this: He must have done a hell of a coaching job because while the Cougars went 12-1 under his command last season, none of their players were considered worthy of being drafted into the NFL. So to get that record, with their lack of quality players, must mean that he's a really good coach, right?

9. More than likely, no Cougars getting drafted speaks more to how the rest of the country views the quality of competition in Conference USA than it does anything else.

8. I know Case Keenum's considered to be undersized by NFL standards, and that he doesn't exactly have the strongest of arms, yet it's kind of surprising he wasn't drafted in the sixth or seventh round. Maybe I'm biased, but do you really expect me to believe that Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Jake Locker and Blaine Gabbert are better quarterbacks than Keenum?

7. Maybe his not being drafted is Keenum's fault. Maybe he should've done a better job of finding the TV cameras after making good plays and posing. That seems to have worked for Tebow. After all, unlike Tebow, Keenum can actually complete passes, and unlike Tebow, Keenum actually fits the definition of an underdog.

6. The Texans wasted a draft pick on a kicker? Seriously? Don't they have any idea how easy kickers are to find? And to top it off, they drafted a kicker from A&M. I don't know about you, but if I'm wasting a draft pick on a kicker, I'm not taking a kid who comes from a school known for collapsing in the clutch every week.

5. Maybe the problem with the Jacksonville Jaguars wasn't former head coach Jack Del Rio. Maybe the problem is GM Gene Smith. Smith, after all, thought Blaine Gabbert was worthy of a high draft pick last season, and this year, he wasted a third-round pick on a punter. 4. Memphis's Dontari Poe was the eighth player chosen in the draft, going to the Kansas City Chiefs. This is one of those picks that have me wondering if the guys doing the drafting ever actually bother to watch college football. UH and Rice easily handled Poe in every game, and they did it without going to fancy blocking schemes. Now this guy is expected to dominate NFL lines. I don't think so.

3. The big fuss on Saturday came from the Redskins drafting quarterback Kirk Cousins after having drafted Robert Griffin III on Thursday. The Washington QBs last season were Rex Grossman and John Beck. How dare the Redskins try to get some legitimate quarterbacks?

2. The Dolphins are reuniting A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill and his former head coach Mike Sherman. I guess they're adopting the Aggie game plan of taking big leads then choking away the win.

1. Dear Detroit Lions: I know you didn't draft Patrick Edwards, and that you just signed him as an undrafted free agent. But I hope you really give him a chance to show what he can do because if you do, then your offense is really going to take another leap forward. He's got speed, good hands and he can read defenses.

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