10 Crazy Things in Texas's Proposed New Social Studies Textbooks

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6. Nothing good has happened in society since 1927. "In the words of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., taxes are 'what we pay for civilized society.' Society does not appear to be much more civilized today than it was when Justice Holmes made that observation in 1927," according to MacGruder's American Government. Right, creating Social Security, ending segregation, the Civil Rights Act, the Violence Against Women Act, the Clean Water Act. Nope, none of that has made us more "civilized."

5. Apparently we still say "negro"? "South of the Sahara Desert most of the people before the Age of Explorations were black Africans of the Negro race," according to World History A: Early Civilizations to the Mid-1880s. So "Negro" is suddenly an acceptable term to be used in a friggin' school textbook. It's pointed out in the report that use of the term is "archaic and fraught with ulterior meaning." Reading that one sentence makes us intensely curious about what the authors of this textbook had to say about the rest of early civilization. Both curious and afraid.

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