10 Crazy Things in Texas's Proposed New Social Studies Textbooks

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4. The Native Americans hung out with the Pilgrims and the whole thing turned out just fine for Squanto and his buddies. "In the fall of 1621, the Pilgrims included their new Wampanoag friends in a feast of thanksgiving," according to United States History to 1877. Basically, just picture the sharing of corn and pie (because there's always pie at Thanksgiving.) And that's pretty much how things go for the Native Americans right up until they get to Little Big Horn. There's no mention of the many tensions and problems, of smallpox, or Manifest Destiny or the whole brutal bloody dealings with President Andrew Jackson. Nope, just a friendly thanksgiving. Nothing else to see here. And that whole Little Big Horn thing came out of nowhere. 3. "Harvey Milk was the first openly gay elected official in the United States." Wrong. It's just incorrect. The mayor of San Francisco (as he was called though he was actually elected to the city board of supervisors) was one of the first but he was not the first openly gay official elected to public office (and there plenty of not-so-open ones elected before him.) Other openly gay or officials preceded him, including Kathy Korazchenko, elected to the Ann Arbor city council in 1974, and Elaine Noble, who took her seat in the Massachusetts Legislature in 1974.

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