10 Hilarious Old Commercials for Terrible Wines, Mostly Aimed at Men Wanting Sex with Drunk Women

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9. Mateus Rose, 1971. The narrator of this ad starts off all rico suave, waffling on about native cheeses and medieval cobblestones, and then he just goes in for the kill with that "Bring it on home" line. I guess the ad agency wanted to be a tad more subtle than just having him say "Pour this down her neck and throw her down and fuck her" and a shade less subtle than "Seal the deal."

8. Martini and Rossi, 1974 You'll never have trouble "getting to yes" again if you ladle out enough of this two-dollar ambrosia.

7. Almaden Golden Chablis, 1984 Featuring one of the lamest pick-up lines ever, albeit one delivered with extreme confidence.

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