10 Hilarious Old Commercials for Terrible Wines, Mostly Aimed at Men Wanting Sex with Drunk Women

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6. Ripple, early 1970s Yes, "red" and "white" are flavors...Shiny happy young people star in this laughably lame attempt to class up a skid row favorite.

5. Boone's Farm Wild Mountain Grape Wine, circa 1960 Yeah, grandpa the winemaker could hardly talk because he was "excited." Uh huh. And why do all these hootenanny hoedown folks defer their judgment to that giant hillbilly thug? Since when are Hoss Cartwright types final arbiters of great wine? And what do banjos, gingham dresses and haylofts have to do with wine, anyway?

4. Orson Welles If you are over 35, when you think of commercials for bad wine, you think Orson Welles. Here are some outtakes. Let's hope Welles was able to imbibe something better than the wine he had to tout here.

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