10 Jobs That Are Tougher Than Jim Nantz's

Listening to Jim Rome yesterday, I learned that Jim Nantz is the toughest man in the world. Nantz is a tough bastard because, according to Rome, Nantz was able to do play-by-play for college basketball in Detroit on Monday night, fly first class to Atlanta, then head out to Augusta for The Masters on Tuesday morning, yet still find time to call Jim Rome. And I know that Nantz's gig is supposedly a tough one because if you ever read Nantz's book, like I did, you would know that he tells everybody how tough his job is, and how you have to be almost superhuman to do play-by-play for sporting events.

So knowing that Jim Nantz is the toughest bastard in the world, and that his job is the world's worst, I thought I would try to come up with 10 jobs that might actually be tougher.

10. Being the guy in charge of keeping Kaz Matsui healthy.

9. Making sure Carlos Lee doesn't wipe out the entire post-game buffet.

8. Explaining the theory of evolution to Carl Everett.

7. Trying to stop Milo Hamilton from hitting on every woman that comes into the radio booth.

6. The person in charge of figuring out when Miguel Tejada is lying or telling the truth.

5. Being the attorney for Roger Clemens.

4. Doing play-by-play for soccer (it's got to be hard staying awake for that).

3. Being Daniel Faraday's constant.

2. President of the United States.

1. Any legitimate job that doesn't pay several million dollars a year and that doesn't include first class travel to major sporting events.

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