10 Most Stereotypical Ways to Die in Houston (UPDATED)

If you live here, generally, you'll die from what most of your fellow countrymen and women die from: cancer, heart disease or lung disease. Oh, and accidents, too, like falling off a ladder and breaking your neck.

However, here in the Lone Star state and specifically Harris County and Houston, there are some particular ways you can meet your maker. Here are the ten most stereotypical:

*Honorable Mention: Metro rail crashes

We'd be remiss if we didn't acknowledge our city's dicey (very recent) history learning to coexist with light rail.

10.) Working an oil industry job

On-the-job deaths in the oil industry peaked two years ago around the state, according to a series of reports done by the Houston Chronicle. In February, two oil-field workers were electrocuted in southwest Houston.

9.) Sipping on lean

Rest in peace, Pimp C and all of that. But the promotion of codeine cough syrup by musicians has been so widespread, one company pulled it off drugstore shelves around the country.

8.) Obesity

Houston was once known as one of the fattest cities in America. And while it's not just being fat that kills you, it's everything related to it: heart disease, diabetes, not being able to get a good seat on an airplane.

7.) Gun violence

With all the hardware in people's homes, in their waistbands and in their cars, it's pretty common to hear about a gun fatality at least weekly in this city. And it's equal opportunity, you might get shot by a cop, by a neighbor, your spouse, or a criminal.

6.) Death sentence

Harris County has the highest number of executions ordered out of any other county in the country, according to deathpenaltyinfo.org.

5.) Waiting for the Texans to Win a Super Bowl

The one losing visit the franchise made (under another name) to the Super Bowl doesn't count, you know.

4.) West Nile Virus

As if flying roaches and fire ants weren't enough we have to worry about death dealing skeeters too. It's like this was the 1800s and yellow fever was still a problem. There are usually dozens of cases each year from this, and unfortunately a good number of deaths.

3.) Extreme heat

Maybe you'll just sweat yourself to death. But this heat is a killer, year after year.

2.) Drowning in a freeway flood

Sadly, this happens.

1.) Car crash

It might be a car versus a bicycle, or a person crossing the street getting plowed down, or someone doing a daredevil freeway lane change that goes wrong.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.