10 of the Most Painful Joe Biden Gaffes

Yesterday at Houston's NAACP rally, Vice President Joe Biden gave a well-received speech arguing that a Mitt Romney presidency would hurt the black community. As expected, the audience liked him a lot more than Romney, who got booed during his appearance last week for his opposition to Obamacare. People only booed Biden when he decided to wrap up his speech.

But the event also produced this weird YouTube video (see above) wherein Biden makes a fool of himself while giving an over-the-top shout-out to a friend named "Mouse" in the Delaware delegation. It fits right in with his long and sordid history of gaffes, which is either endearing or disgraceful depending on your opinion of him. Here's a look back at his finest moments.

10. Biden's alarming take on swine flu.

Biden didn't really keep a level head during the swine flu scare. In this interview he discussed the disastrous consequences of sneezing in confined spaces, suggesting a potential Snakes on a Plane homage. Robert Gibbs had to handle the fallout from angry airlines and panicked citizens: "Well, I think what the Vice President meant to say was...that if you feel sick...you should take precautions [and]... limit your travel. I think he just, what he said and what he meant to say."

9. Hillary would have been a better pick.

In response to a pointed question about Hillary Clinton, Biden went overboard complimenting her. The John McCain camp came out with this response: "Biden certainly has a credible viewpoint on this." No mercy.

8. Bad Indian accent.

During a serious speech about outsourcing in Rochester, New Hampshire, Biden broke out his Indian accent, although media outlets have since speculated that it might be Russian. He tried to stop mid-sentence, but it was too late.

7. Indians at Duncan Donuts and 7/11.

Okay, we were all thinking it. A Biden spokeswoman later explained his remarks: "The point Senator Biden was making is that there has been a vibrant Indian-American community in Delaware for decades. It has primarily been made up of engineers, scientists and physicians, but more recently, middle-class families are moving into Delaware and purchasing family-run small businesses." But even after all the offensive comments, that Indian guy was still totally happy to be talking with him.

6. Three-letter word.

Two words: hilarious. Also, I love the laugh at :15. 5. Biden's high IQ.

Biden fired back when a journalist grilled him about his (admittedly shaky) credentials. He later wrote in his book that he was too arrogant during his 1988 campaign. By the way, how does he have more hair now?

4. Barack America.

At the candidates' first joint campaign stop, Biden accidentally introduced Obama as "Barack America" -- possibly the world's least subtle attempt at subliminal messaging. I love how in the video Obama's expression stays totally flat while Biden botches the introduction.

3. God rest her soul.

At the White House St. Patrick's Day reception, Biden wished eternal peace on the Irish Prime Minister's still-living mother. But he closed the speech with charming self-deprecation: "There's an old Irish proverb...that goes 'A silent mouth is sweet to hear.' Well, I'm going to yield to that proverb and introduce...Barack Obama."

2. Justice Roberts's memory joke.

Before swearing in the White House senior staff in 2009, Biden made a joke about how Justice Roberts garbled the presidential oath during Obama's inauguration. Obama was clearly pissed, in his cool, controlled way.

1. Biden asks guy in wheelchair to stand up.

During a packed 2008 campaign season, Biden didn't realize Missouri State Senator Chuck Graham was confined to a wheelchair. But the worst part of this video is how he goes on for so long trying to make up for the excruciating but honest mistake: telling everyone to "stand up for Chuck" and walking over to shake his hand.

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